march 2001

Terracotta Warriors 1 Xi'an - March 2001

The Terracotta Warriors. Since their discovery in 1974 by peasants digging a well about 35 KM east of Xi'an, it has been one of my ambitions to see the Army of Terracotta Warriors. I have been fascinated by the scale of the imagination of the First Emperor Qin Shihuangdi who started to build his own mausoleum in his 30's to guard himself in the afterlife, but died before its completion. Excavations are far from complete, and work will continue for many years to come.
The Warriors are only part of a much greater Mausoleum complex, which the First Emperor built to contain his mortal body, while he continued to rule his known world in the afterlife. Smaller pits containing advisors, acrobats, musicians, and exotic birds, have also been found.

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Terracotta Warriors 2 There are 3 main pits, these pictures are of pit number 1. This pit is about the size of 4 football pitches, and contains about 6000 figures in various states of repair. Each figure has a unique face, it is said that each face was modeled on an individual soldier. Pit number 2 has about 1000 figures, and a third pit, which is probably the command post has 68 figures and an impressive war chariot.

Due to the strict photo restrictions, these two photographs are published by Shaanxi Travel & Tourism Press

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Big Goose Pagoda The Big Goose Pagoda stands outside the impressive city walls of Xi'an. Originally built in 648 AD, and called The Temple of Maternal Grace by Emperor Gao Zong in memory of his mother. It was later re-built by a monk called Xuan Zang to house Buddhist scriptures from India, which were translated into Chinese.

Of course we climbed to the top!

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