lumpur may 2009

Petronas Towers At Night 1
Petronas Towers At Night 2
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For me the highlight of Kuala Lumpur was the Petronas Twin Towers. I have been fascinated by the Sky Bridge since the opening of the towers in 1999.
The Petronas Twin Towers are not a public building, one tower houses the offices of Petronas, while the other tower is leased to companies such Microsoft, IBM, Al Jazeera, and Boeing.
I decided to go out late at night to see what it looked like close up. I was not disappointed. The steel and green tinted glass towers stand out sharply against the night sky. The towers are so huge when you stand at the base of them, you can't get far enough away to photograph them whole. They feel totally overpowering, looming over you like a pair of enormous space rockets ready to blast off.
Public access is limited to 1700 free tickets per day to the Sky Bridge. The tickets are issued from an office on the lower ground floor, which opens at 9 a.m. Tuesday to Sunday. However, to guarantee any chance of getting a ticket you must start queuing no later than 7 a.m. as all the tickets are usually gone by 11 a.m. We were there the next day very early, and were in the first group to go up.
The Sky Bridge is located modestly at the 41st. floor 170 metres above street level. It is used to give access to workers of either tower in case of emergency, or to speed up the journey from one tower to the other. Close up it is beautifully made. Soft brushed stainless steel and cool tinted glass make it feel very modern and efficient. And it is SO clean.
The Sky Bridge has two glass viewing platforms, one each side, in the centre, and two floor levels. The upper level is used all day by workers in the building, and the lower is for visitors.
It might not have been the highest place I have been, or had the best view I have ever seen, but it was somewhere I really wanted to be.
Sky Bridge 1
Sky Bridge 4
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Sky Bridge 3
Sky Bridge 2
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Sky Bridge 5

The best view of the Petronas Towers is from the Menara KL Observation tower just round the corner from Petronas. Standing 421 metres, it was built before the Pertonas Towers in 1996. The observation deck is much higher than the Sky Bridge, and you get a full 360 panarama of K.L.

We didn't have our cameras with us when we went but this link will show you all you need

There is much more to KL than the Petronas Towers. Altough not a pretty city, it does live up to its own marketing solgan 'Truly Asian'. It is less westernised than Hong Kong, or Singapore. And as with all Malaysian cities, there is a Commercial Centre, China Town, and Little India.

You will never go hungry in KL there is a fusion of all types of food. There are outdoor food streets where you can wander along, sit at a plastic table, pick something from the menu, and enjoy something you probably haven't had before!!

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