kong may 2009

Central Pier Hong Kong May 2009

It was surprising to see that the old Star Ferry Terminal on the Hong Kong side had been so quickly replaced by the new Central Pier.

Built to look more like the older Colonial building, the new Central Pier is built on reclaimed land, and is now closer to Kowloon than ever before. There is a saying that the Dragon that lives in the hills of Hong Kong will be angry when eventually you will be able to walk across from Hong Kong to Kowloon.

The bars & shops are all a bit cliché, and although I embrace change, I do miss the dirty, noisy, old terminal. And now of course, the ferry trip is now that little bit shorter.

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Peak Tower Hong Kong May 2009

Another change that surprised me was the re-design of the Peak Tram Terminal and Viewing Platform. What used to be the observation deck, (Click here to see the photo) is now a restaurant, and the viewing deck is now on the roof of the building, and is called the 'Sky Terrace'.

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The observation deck used to be included in the ticket you purchased at the Peak Tram Terminal below in Admiralty, but now must buy a combined Tram ticket & Sky Pass, or you will have to pay extra at the Peak to visit the Sky Terrace.

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